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VLC’s Data Privacy Awareness Certification is coming back this September!

Data Privacy is critical to the survival of businesses. Customers want to know that their data and personal information are safe and that companies do everything to ensure their data stays private. This is where RA 10173 or theData Privacy Act of 2012 comes in, ‘to protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.’

It is crucial that everyone in the company, no matter their roles, understand the basic principles of RA 10173 and data privacy. This is the goal of VLC’s Data Privacy Awareness Certification Seminar happening on September 28.

The core ideas of data privacy and protection will be covered in VLC’s Data Privacy Awareness Certification Seminar. The ideas and requirements of data privacy and pertinent data protection methods and techniques will be taught to participants. For the first part of the webinar, Atty. Carmine T. Eliza Serrano a Data Privacy Specialist will discuss the Cases of International and Domestic Breaches & Implications of Data Breaches. This will be followed by Data Subject, Data Processing, Types of information, PIP and PIC, and Data Privacy Principles led by Atty. Paul Cayetano L. Cabatingan, another Data Privacy Specialist.

The last speaker would be VLC’s Review Director, Assoc. Dean Christian G. Villasis. He is a Certified Data Protection Officer who will talk about the Five pillars of Data Privacy Compliance and the Rights of a Data Subject.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and 2016 IRR
  • Understand the basic principles of data privacy and protection
  • Know where to get the right and official information
  • Determine the right procedure for compliance
  • Prepare your company for compliance
  • Create the right enterprise governance, capability, and programs for DP compliance

Training and Seminars by Villasis Law Center (VLC) invites everyone to join this most in-demand online lecture, especially Business Owners, CIOs / IT Managers / Business Managers, Data Protection/Information Governance Managers, Legal, Regulatory, Compliance Officers, and Internal Auditors, Record Managers and Database Administrators, HR Practitioners, Data Collectors and Processors like HR, Legal and Operation Staff, IT Personnel and other fields of professionals.

The online webinar, to be conducted via Zoom, is ideal for participants who want to increase their knowledge about Data Privacy and the protection practices that they can apply in their respective fields of profession.

Regular rate for the webinar is only P2,000. Certificates of completion shall likewise be provided, e-certificate for P100 and physical copy with local delivery for P400.
If you are interested to join, you may register via or you can visit You may also email for more information.


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