DEXTER BEDAYO A businessman who goes bankrupt, tries again and becomes successful

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BSPA KORONADAL CITY — Like American inventor Thomas Edison, a businessman here also believed that “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”


That businessman is Dexter ” Dex” Bedayo, who believes that in life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Dex is the perfect example of endurance and strong determination [to survive even pounded by life’s cruelty].

His story was marked with “downs-and-ups” moments. But he stood and fought against it. In the end, he succeeded and reaped the fruits of his endurance and strong determination.

Dex is now enjoying the benefits of his “lechon” and “sub-contracting” businesses.



After getting his BSBA [major in Business Management] degree at the Ateneo De Davao University [ADDU] in 2006, Dex ventured into money-lending.

At first, Dex said the money flowed like water. Until one day, he realized that his business was going down.

“Sa simula maganda ang takbo ng negosyo pero kalaunan hindi na naging maganda dahil marami ang hindi na nagbayad. Nalugi ako,” Dex told the Weekly Informer.

For Dex, it was a difficult time for him as his money-lending business was his only source of income. He lost big bucks.

After losing his first business, Dex did not know what to do and where to start again.

Dex said he prayed for God’s guidance.

“Habang nagdadasal ako, asking for blessings and guidance to God, I felt like someone was telling me to stand up and start again,” Dex, a devoted Roman Catholic member, said.



Dex took the chance in “lechon baboy” [roasted pig] business. He became a salesman of his new business.

He made contacts and personally lobbied his “lechon” to some prominent personalities and owners of big businesses in Koronadal City and in some parts of South Cotabato province.

Dex started gaining more customers of his tasty lechon.

“Ang ilan sa mga customer ko ay sina former Congressman Dinand Hernandez, may-ari ng Mall of Ceterpoint, ang Gemma Construction at iba pang mga negosyante at mga kaibigan,” Dex told the Weekly Informer.

Life seems good to Dex.



Until one day, another opportunity knocks. One of his friends convinced him to try the “sub-contracting” business also.

“Nag-try ako magsub-contract ng mga project through the help of Gemma Construction. Sinuwerte naman at naging maganda ang takbo ng negosyo,” Dex said.



That time, Dex thought life was good to him. But it was not the case. Life interfered in a very hard way, testing his faith, courage and strong determination to survive.

“Nagkasakit ang anak ko na 11-month-old. Kailangang operahan sa puso,” teary-eyed Dex narrated.

Dex did not lose his faith, pinning his hope that God would help him. He prayed and he received answers.

“Naoperahan sa puso yung anak ko,” Dex said.

After the successful heart operation of his baby, Dex thanked God for it.

“After sa operation ng anak ko, akala ko magiging OK na lahat. Akala ko wala ng darating na malaking problema. Nagkamali ako,” Dex said.

Life again interfered in a very serious way.

“After sa anak ko nagkaroon naman ng serious illness ang nanay ko kailangang operahan din sa ovary. Napaiyak talaga ako noon dahil sa matinding problema, ” Dex said.

Dex said her mother survived the serious illness after a very expensive medical treatment.

“Nagpapasalamat ako sa Diyos dahil hindi niya ako pinabayaan. Kahit malaki ang problema tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang daloy ng pera mula sa mga negosyo ko,” Dex said.

He also thanked his “good friends” who helped him to survive his desperate moments.

According to Dex, what happened to him is a clear manifestation of his strong faith to God and his strong determination to overcome the trials of life no matter how hard it is.

“Maganda pa rin ang takbo ng mga negosyo ko at nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa Diyos,” Dex said.

Now that his businesses are doing well, Dex said he is on a mission to share his blessings to those who will be needing it.

Dex’s story reminds to us to always trust God and do not lose our hope. Endure and have the courage to survive. #END 


Source: Weekly Informer 2023+ 



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