The Impact of Research in Improving Education in the New Normal

In the context of our present days, we are facing the most pressing challenges in improving educational system and practices, and we need to be able to get along with it. Educational leaders should make some improvements and innovations as these provide big impact and contribute greatly to national development…

“Silid-Aralan Sa Tahanan (Class Home)” Project: A Learning Space for Learners at Home

In spite of all these undertakings, there still has that longing and desire for the learners to feel that they are studying and attending classes in actual classrooms in school and not in their bedroom, kitchen, receiving area or even at the verandas. They even stated during interviews that they missed their classrooms in school.

Vital Roles of the School Head in Distance Learning

Change dominates our world and education is a major vehicle for initiating, managing, and sustaining or stabilizing our environments affected by change. It is through educational value that we develop the understanding and knowledge to effectively craft strategies for leading change (Kotter, 1996).

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