More Filipinos were satisfied on the performance of the Duterte Administration.

According to the latest survey of Social Weather Station (SWS), the administration received a +73% on the overall net satisfaction rating on the Fourth Quarter of 2019, a 6 points higher from the +67 or very good rating  in the third quarter of 2019.

In the survey done on December 13-16 of the previous year for 1,200 adult Filipinos, the result says, 81% adult Filipinos were ‘Satisfied’, 12% were ‘Undecided’ and 7% were dissatisfied.

The Survey was specified into 16 important key problems and issues in the country.

7 out of 16 key problems, receives a very good rate in giving an action by the government, this includes: Helping the poor, Fighting terrorism, informing the people, having clear policies, developing a healthy economy, reconciling the Muslim rebels and protecting press freedom.

More than that, the government received ‘Good ratings’ in answering the following problems; Fighting Crimes, reconciling the communist rebels, foreign relations, acting according to what the people want, Defending Philippine sovereignty in the west Philippines Sea and eradicating graft and corruption.

On the other hand, ‘Moderate rating’ was received by the national administration on the problem of Hunger in the Philippines, recovering the alleged stolen ‘Hidden Wealth’ of Marcos and his cronies and Fighting Inflation. (PAOLO MENDEZ)





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