The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued another set of advisories against several entities soliciting investments from the public without the necessary licenses. For the complete list of advisories, you may visit

The SEC Davao Extension Office has verified the existence of:


2.     SOLMAX GLOBAL LIMITED and IGNITER 100 within our AOR (Tagum City, Davao Region and Soccsksargen)

3.     ROYAL O FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES “investors” within our AOR (Davao Region and Soccsksargen)


We are reminding the public to exercise caution when dealing with individuals or groups soliciting investments for and on their behalf.

The Commission also highly encourages our LGUs to DOUBLE CHECK IN APPROVING THE PERMITS of these businesses (including last month’s advisory against MASA MART BUSINESS CENTER, MASA MART BUSINESS CENTER OPC and MASA MART ENTERPRISE OPC).

JAMSMART is offering investments to the public in its so-called “FRANCHISE   INVESTMENT   PROGRAM” where an investor shall earn a total guaranteed 300% return on investment in a year.

AN INVESTOR MAY CO-OWN an outlet by investing as low as Php75,000.00 for an equivalent of 5% shares. For every 5% shares, there is a monthly 7% interest amounting to Php5,250.00, a Php4,750.00 allocated monthly sales shares, and a Php4,750.00 fixed allocated dividend for a total annual return on investment of Php225,000.00:

On the other hand, an investor may opt to avail a 100% Franchising Agreement amounting to Php1,500,000.00 where such investor shall earn a monthly interest equivalent to 10% and a monthly percentage earnings equivalent to 15% totaling 300% return on investment annually.

SOLMAX GLOBAL LIMITED and IGNITER 100 are based in London, United Kingdom  and  are operated by FLORIAN  KRUEGER, SERGE  MEULENBELT, ABDUL  REHMAN  SANDHU, STEVEN  LUBKA, THELMA  DHLOVU, AARRON BATES,  and ASIM  MIRZA among  others and appears to  be soliciting  investments from Filipinos within and without the Philippines through the assistance of their Filipino “Independent Marketing Partners” (IMP), some of which are: ANNA  LISA, DIANE SAWALI, ROBERTO  DULIN, AIZEL  ALANA, EHMERSON  ILAGAN, JENNIFER PLATA,  MERI   REYES, ELPHED   REYES   STEPHEN   CARREON, RENMAR SOMBILON, JEMAR  TARSITA, MELCHOR  PAROJINOG, REYNALD  ATILLO, FATIMA  ATILLO, MARILOU  VAN  MEETEREN, MICHELLE  CANAY, ROBINSON DIAZ, FERZAEL EBUENG, SUSAN BORJA RAMOS, and JIMBERT ATON

Basically, SOLMAX   GLOBAL   LIMITED and IGNITER 100 are   offering investment packages ranging from £ 25 to£ 5,000 with a total guaranteed passive income of 200% accumulated daily at 1% Return of Investment (ROI) for 200 days or at 2% ROI for 100 days in case the investor recruited at least 3 others to join the said scheme.

ROYAL O FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES is purportedly a website portal for the CO-OWNERSHIP PROGRAM where the funds sourced from the public shall in turn be invested in various businesses that are being managed and operated by Dr. Campos. Investor-members may avail of either its Daily Program or its Monthly Program with guaranteed earnings of 15% weekly in just 90 days (a total of 201% return on investment) or 60%   monthly   in   just   6   months (a total of 360% return on investment), respectively.

BITACCELERATE/BITACCELERATEPROJECT.COM/BA/BITACCELERATOR claims to be designed as a CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM or based on cryptocurrency blockchain technology which allegedly provides a long-term active and passive income to investors through its crowdfunding referral system.

A prospective investor shall be asked to download the “telegram” app, once downloaded they will be asked of their investments which will be entered into the BITACCELERATE / BITACCELERATEPROJECT.COM / BA / BITACCELERATOR Bot in Telegram.

Considering that the above described schemes involve the sale of securities to the public, the Securities Regulation Code (SRC) requires that these securities are duly registered   and   that   the   concerned   corporation   and/or   its   agents   have   appropriate registration (SECONDARY LICENSE) and/or license to sell such securities to the public pursuant to Section 8 and 28 of the SRC. (SEC ADVISORY – PRESS RELEASE)


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