San Agustin adaption to COVID-19

ILO-ILO CITY — Coronavirus disease (COVID‐19) is now dominating the lives of everyone, and its history is constantly being rewritten. This article gives a brief account of the story so far; where SARS‐CoV‐2 might have originated, how it compares with other viruses that cause major respiratory disease and some of the treatments and vaccines currently being investigated to combat it.

On 31 December 2019, the World Health Organization was formally notified about a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan City, home to 11 million people, and the cultural and economic hub of central China.

After few months due to the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan China, Philippines also announce to put the NCR in GCQ after few days due to the rapid increase of the infected on April 17, 2020, the Philippine Government decided to put NCR first to ECQ and the rest of the places here in the Philippines it took 3 months for the ECQ to be lifted and put back to GCQ and MGCQ for other places.

However, due to the rapid infection, our Government decided to cancel all Mass Gathering especially since the classes are suspended due to the studies those 0-21 years old and 66 above are those people are a higher chance to get infected with the virus. So, they think for an alternative way to continue the upcoming class to proceed even the current situation. They announce to have the “New Normal” should follow all classes will be online to avoid contact face to face and if possible, follow the skeletal system so they can practice the Social Distancing so we can still continue our life and survive to this Pandemic.

DIYARYO MILENYO have interviewed one of the University Student in Ilo-Ilo City, her name is Noellene Grace De Nuevo, she is currently studying at the University of San Augustine in Ilo-Ilo City as a commerce student. She told us how she processes when the enrollment was announced.

The University posted to the Page on Facebook the Pre-Enrollment Process they must follow they put two options. The First Option is for those students has an Internet Access, they can fill out the Register Form and submit and student will need to pay via Bank transfer. The University posted their Bank account number for a smooth transaction for the student. However, for those students that don’t have an internet connection, they can personally visit the university and process the enrollment but they need to follow the Proper Social distancing protocol.

They also change the process once the Semester will start on 17 of August 2020. They have two system need to follow the Synchronous and Asynchronous system.

She explains the Process for the Synchronous once the online class will start and the Teacher announces that they need to pass a certain project or assignment on this specific time they should pass it. However, for the Asynchronous, they can pass those projects or assignments any time they like. As for her this system need to follow for all of the courses in San Augustine, however only the Medical students has a different system to follow cause as for her Medical student should visit the school once there is a schedule Practical or Laboratory class. And also, she added that in the meantime the university will follow this system until our country will flatten the curve but she also mentions that in Second Semester maybe they will also follow the Skeletal System once everything is stable but she says the Skeletal system is not yet final. Only the Synchronous and Asynchronous system is the one is final that they need to follow for the whole Semester.

All of the universities here in the Philippines are also adopting the new normal way of the country and also to protect the students to be infected in the virus. Let be straightforward with this kind of education system there will be a possible good impact to our students and make sure that they will be safe until the day that our government will announce that we already flatten the curve of the virus. (From Ashley Alawi via Ilo-Ilo City)


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