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WATER PLEASE! Ways and Facts for Water Conservation

[by Rick Daligdig]

Cold nights were just finished and we are anticipating for summer 2022. Yet, aside from family outings, company team buildings (which I hope will resume after two years of lockdown), getting connected again with friends. There is a prevailing crisis that we need to avert to happen. – Water Crisis.

A Seasonal Problem.

Angat Dam, the primary water source of Metro Manila and nearby provinces was not able to reach a comfortable level of water reservoir in order to meet the demands during hot seasons. Aside from supplying water in the Metropolis, it also serves as an irrigation to farms situated in Bulacan. As of this writing, water level is at 195.78 meters way below to 212 meters normal water level. With the summer season plus the El Nino phenomenon, the prevailing problem really persists.

A Call to Action.

In order to mitigate the effects of the water shortage, concerned agencies are proactively response so that the 2019 water crisis that affected most of the places in Metro Manila will be averted. National Water Resources Board (NWRB) the agency that monitoring the dams place some measure such as cloud seeding in the area of Angat, protocols we also in place for the worst case scenario. Water concessioners, Maynilad and Manila Water plot also their own contingency plans such as activating of their treatment plants, for example the Putatan Water Treatment that collect water from Laguna de Bay as alternative water resources. Deep wells are also one of the options to compensate the shortage of supply from the dam.

A Convenient Solution.

As population grows, the demand for a potable water increases but the supply tank for it still the same. Sometime in 2019 at height of water crisis we experienced, a proposal to create the Department of Water in the Congress appears. Once it was enacted into law this cabinet level agency will consolidate all what appears a fragmented segment in managing our water resources so that we have one command regarding water resources management. Also the need to build new water source such as dams and water treatment plants is very much needed. The controversial Kaliwa Dam which will compensate the shortage of supply in Metro Manila is still under fire. While we are waiting for these, as a concerned citizen we must conserve the water that flows in our faucets. Water is life. ###


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