The Bathroom: Your Own Little Luxury Oasis

Water closet colour schemes, Jacuzzi bathtubs, shower trays… Gone are the days when people fussed over every single detail of the construction of their home, except for the bathroom.

[by Mikayla De Guzman]


We can bid the halcyon days of leaving the designs of the bathroom up to the mercy of the mason’s whims, “Sayonara!” because here comes a new age of trend waves and shiny inventions tailored specifically to make your bathroom more luxurious.

Bathrooms used to be seen ideally as nothing more than a place to do your “business” in. This was before people grew busier and busier, and it wasn’t until then that they realized that their time in the comfort room was indeed a time for comfort and relaxation. And lo and behold, people began to make their bathrooms more luxurious to suit their needs.

First, you must have various colour schemes. One’s bathtub, water closet, and basins must harmonize together to create the perfect bathroom aesthetic – hence, the need for a colour scheme. These days, tubs, basins, and the like are made available in a wide range of colours so as to suit your aesthetic. One must make sure that the base colour is a pleasant one, and does not overwhelm the eyes. Each item placed inside the bathroom must be chosen with great care.

And then there is the issue of flooring. We have your classic marble and granite tiles. And aside from the tried and tested marble flooring, people nowadays are using wooden and carpeted floorings in places away from direct splash zones. Many people are opting for a classier modern aesthetic with their flooring choices by deciding to have the tiling cut into unusual patterns, from horizontal to vertical. It brings about a contemporary vibe to your whole bathroom. Also, painted walls are now the trend when it comes to wall design. “Painted walls are new mantra in bathrooms,” according to one India Times article. They give off a vibrant feel without going over the top with bathroom décor.

If one can afford to have the luxury of a spacious bathroom, having a bathtub then is an absolute must. Not only is it good for bodily hygiene, but it is also highly recommended for its ergonomic design. Basically what that means is that while you are sitting there, your body assumes the most relaxed position it is able to, automatically making you feel well, more relaxed.

Bathtubs are made in many different shapes and sizes so as to fit the style and size of your bathroom. Some were even fitted for Jacuzzis and built-in hydro massages!

Bathtubs are made in a variety of materials ranging from acrylic, fiberglass, polymarble, and ceramic. Many advise that acrylic tubs are the best investment among these because they are immune to soap and chemicals such as hard water contents and dilute acid. They retain the same shine they had while still new, and they are also lightweight, which makes them easier to handle and install.

Bathtubs are a focal point when laying out bathroom designs because they are the ultimate symbol of luxury.

However, shower units are also a good investment. The market offers various types and styles, from simple to elegant. For example, a large, walk-in shower has a nice custom feel to it, whereas a sleek European model can come off as more modern and technical. Some European-style showers come with multiple shower heads, computerized panels, and in some cases a built-in audio system.

But when planning to install a shower unit, one mustn’t forget to consider lighting and ventilation. “A good lighting plan provides shadowless, glare-free illumination for the entire bath as well as bright and uniform light for a specific task. Opening light fixtures can also create dramatic visual effects. Daylight enters a bathroom through windows, skylights, doors, or all three. When a bathroom faces a street, it may be best to use glass block, translucent glazing, and decorative glass like stain or sandblasted. It can provide a decorative flair while maintaining a reserved exterior,” advises the same India Times article.
We must also be careful not to overlook the details of sink and toilet installations. One’s choice of sink, tub and shower does a lot to determine how your bathroom will be used, and what its general ambience will be like.

But beyond aesthetic consideration, remember to think about the quality of your equipment. Is it durable, lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to maintain? Is the flooring sturdy enough? Always keep in mind that when planning your bathroom aesthetic, quality is a variable that should never be crossed out from the equation. The goal is to make the bathroom more modern and attractive, but one shouldn’t disregard style for efficiency, ease of access, and comfort. ###

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