Philippines’ Heroic Women

Woman transcends all physical love or social honor; she is life itself, not just its matrix but also its substance, the very being and becoming of humanity.

[SIGN OF THE CRUZ by Danilo P. Cruz]


THERE IS AN EARLY TRADITIONAL BELIEF that the most striking physical characteristic of Jesus Christ was his eyes — they were the eyes of a woman. If it is said that Christ was proof that man is superior to woman, it can be noted that men are hardly Christs, & that although there can be a Virgin Mary without the human Christ, there can be no human Christ without the Virgin Mary.

Woman transcends all physical love or social honor; she is life itself, not just its matrix but also its substance, the very being and becoming of humanity. Man is not the superior of woman however much he tries to be — he is her unforgiving partner, confused oppressor & redeemable admirer. Past history, therefore, in not properly accounting for woman, has committed not only a devious error but also a malignant sin. Thanks to recent & future historiography, justice for her is underway, although the road to travel is still long & vexatious and there can never be sufficient retribution for the wrongs he has inflicted on woman.

I close this narrative not by attempting to prove that the nation’s women can be as brave and heroic as the menfolk on the battlefields of war and politics. This is quite obvious and need not be belabored. Neither is it to compare or to confuse women for men. Nor to make any feminist statement that would trigger a knee-jerk response from both sides of the fence. Women, for their part, have far greater and nobler roles than in the field of physical violence, which is the lowest form of struggle.

The point again is simply to show that our women actively served the Revolution and our people, especially those in the “Laylayan.” That is all — & it means a lot. These heroic women, the few whose names we know and the many whom we know not, rose above the pettiness and cavils of emasculated minds and became greater than what they were supposed to be — and greater even than what they were not supposed to be. ##

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