[SIGN OF THE CRUZ by Danilo P. Cruz]

EDUCATORS come and go but a few have managed to carry on in a field needing basic reform.

Elba Bartolome Bacinillo, elementary school principal in Iloilo City, is one such professional and she’s obviously still on top of what she does best, judging from her immense talent and expertise.

She has been at it pushing for the proper education of the young while working hard for basic needed reforms in our educational system. She said that pursuant to the basic strategy for the recasting of the values, attitudes of the Filipino, the reform of our educational system is absolutely essential.

Ms. Elba Bartolome Bacinillo, Elementary School Principal in Iloilo City

“We have to orient the system to the development of the individual and especially of his character. The wide gulf between what schools teach and what society demands should be bridged. Because our education has not sufficiently changed the Filipino, it has not been so effective in changing our nation,” she said.

One of Elba’s dreams was to visit the entire Philippines and its many tourist attractions like Boracay, one of the best beaches in the world; Palawan, “the last frontier,” which has exotic wildlife, white sand beaches and natural wonders like an underground river; Bohol, which has the famous Chocolate Hills and superb diving spots like Panglao and Balicasag; the Banaue rice terraces, called the Eighth Wonder of the Modern World; and Tubbataha Reefs, an excellent diving spot.

For someone who is a lover of flowers and nature, Elba wanted her loved one to bring her to beautiful gardens with lovely flowers in abundance…”a very romantic place to be shared where our emotions would reverberate with the eternal sound of love and deep emotions,” she laughingly quipped.

Sweet and cuddly, Elba is also a music lover, her choice of songs showing how much a romantic she is. “My favorite piece is “Those Were the Days” by Mary Hopkins alongside the very romantic song of the movie “Titanic.” Her own rendition of these songs has awarded her with much applause from her four children.

A true-blooded Ilongga, Elba is also a homebody. “Most often I just stay at home. I rarely go out and that is on occasions in school or the Church.” ###

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  1. My grateful appreciation to journalist Danilo P. Cruz in his No Ordinary Woman- Diyaryo Milenyo. Thank you so much


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