TINIG Ni: Rex Molines

“You Are Not Forgotten” – Remembering our Tatay in heaven

THANK YOU!” isn’t enough to express our deepest love, gratitude, and sincerity to you, Tatay. Through this poem I created was the only way to reconnect with you in heaven that we will never ever forget you. Happy 40 days in Heaven, Tatay!

“You Are Not Forgotten”

(Remembering our Tatay Lante)

[April 16, 1950 – December 29, 2020]

I feel that you are still here;
and never really left,
Your presence is unwavering;
Your loss, we can't accept yet...

You are now in a better place,
Watching over us, day and night;
Too sad we wish you're still with us,
But you took the early flight.

You've taught us all the good deeds,
Through your words and actions.
The discipline you have imparted,
Have become our strong foundation.

Even if you're sick or in pain,
You chose to work than rest;
Fulfilling the father's duties,
You're one of a kind, the best! 

You're more than just our TATAY,
Our provider and our strength;
To many, you're the great mechanic;
The tough things to you are basic.

You are too kind, bold, and vivid.
Your smile is irreplaceable;
You are the great lover of Nanay,
You are fragile yet lovable.

You are our engine, the most valued tool,
We keep going because you're the fuel;
I have to say, the world is cruel,
To let go of you, our jewel...

You're not forgotten,
You’re always remembered,
as the days go by.

We will see you again, Tatay.
We Love You Forever!
For now, we bid goodbye. 

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